Thursday, March 27, 2008

Texture in Fine Silver Earrings

Texturing fine silver clay (PMC3) and then pushing it around to do a little bit more such as these earrings is part of the thrill of using the medium. After cutting out the square shape, simply push on the sides gently until it humps up in the middle. Let it dry in that form, and then fire it in a saucer of vermiculite in the kiln. On this particular pair of earrings, I have patinaed them with liver of sulphur to the dark golden stage. And then put them in the tumbler for an hour or so. Fine silver earwires (made by fusing the ends of fine silver wire and then forming around a mandrel) are perfect complements to the textured silver.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bead on a Wire - with PMC3 of course!

Ok, I'm back at it again - making jewelry of course!  After 3 weeks of a nasty virus cold, and even more time spent than I'd like working on finishing our house addition, I had to take out my kiln and get some new silver objects going.  One of the little things I love to make with PMC and fine silver wire  is a headpin with rolled silver clay in an interesting shape.  The bottom of these earrings are long "dagger" shapes made that way.  Just roll it around on the board, making one end come to a point, stick in a 2.5 inch length of 20 gauge fine silver wire and fire in the kiln.  I always try to make at least 2 of the same shape so that if I decide to make earrings I have a pair of headpins to work with.  Of course these are especially fun with the wonderful lampwork of Corina ( to top them off.  I love these - may have to keep them for myself!