Monday, July 27, 2009

ISGB Lampwork Bead Bazaar

Heather Trimlett lampwork beads

A most wonderful event took place right here in south Florida : the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) came to Miami this past weekend for their annual "Gathering" and they held a Bazaar on Saturday!

100 talented artists in one place with my absolute favorite art - lampwork glass beads... I had to go -even though the weather was horrendous - driving down I95 for 20 miles took over an hour! But oh, the thrill of meeting and talking with some of the best known artists was well worth it. And they were so nice, they took the time to explain their techniques, help with design questions, even just chat about doing shows and being in Miami. Getting the opportunity to meet the people behind the names that I had admired for years - Kristina Logan, Heather Trimlett, Kerri Fuhr, Larry Brickman and JC Herrell to mention just a few - was so wonderful, no other word for it! Purchasing their beads was even more meaningful - it's easy to understand why people like to buy at shows from the artist more than online or through stores. Wonderful also was discovering new artists, such as Harold Cooney (his work is above and at upper left) and Dolly Ahles (new to me, but well established - see her work below) and they were a pleasure to get to know.

Dolly Ahles large lentil bead.

JC Herrell's lovely work.
I love lampwork beads, and knowing the artists makes it even better, it makes it easy and fun to have an addiction like this!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beach Necklace

To me, this is the most delightful summer beach necklace. Maybe because it has a fish (I am a Picses), shells, blues and greens of the oceans, and rough pearls. I like very natural, organic jewelry, but made with silver and gemstones. So, this piece has it all for me -including my PMC (fine silver clay) pendant with the texture from a sand dollar. Isn't the crystal starfish by Swarovski just beautiful? This is a necklace to be worn TO the beach, AFTER the beach, and all summer long with t-shirts, sundresses, and anything else you can come up with. I am going to put it in my Etsy shop, and hope it goes to a good, fun summer-time lover.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Do you ever notice how the things you are working with influence your color choices? I was doing some scanning of old photos and saw this dish/plate and tried to scan it also (it didn't work too well). I love this plate - I bartered for it with a pair of earrings when I was doing one of my first shows in Greenville, SC years ago. The pansies have faded over the years and I think the tones that they have become go even better now with the antique gold border.

Next I put an old dried (15 years at least) Cinnamon Fern frond in the scanner that I had taken out of a picture frame. I was marveling at what a greatly detailed picture you get from a scanner... if you look at the the frond closely you can see all the tiny spore pods on the individual leaflets.

And so on to the bracelet, from some lampwork that I purchased many years ago also! I decided to use the champagne colored Swarovski rondells in between the lampwork beads. Only when I went to photograph the bracelet did I realize how all three items, sitting on my studio's chaise lounge, were all the same colors and tones. Maybe I just gravitate toward them anyway!

Monday, July 13, 2009

July in Florida

Of course July is a very hot month, and very humid too. That is true in a lot of other states as well. What is different is mostly due to the unrelenting heat and humidity that make it difficult to even think of going outside and doing some yard work. Which is why yesterday my husband felt it necessary (?!) to get out the 30 foot extension ladder and go up in the coconut palm tree and get the coconuts down! He felt they were a hurricane hazard, and we all know this is hurricane season. So up he went, and now we have about 100 all over the yard - not in the tree. Anyone want some coconuts?


In Memory of My Mother - Catherine "Kay" Snowden
11/30/1914 - 7/2/2009

Forever in my heart...