Sunday, July 19, 2009


Do you ever notice how the things you are working with influence your color choices? I was doing some scanning of old photos and saw this dish/plate and tried to scan it also (it didn't work too well). I love this plate - I bartered for it with a pair of earrings when I was doing one of my first shows in Greenville, SC years ago. The pansies have faded over the years and I think the tones that they have become go even better now with the antique gold border.

Next I put an old dried (15 years at least) Cinnamon Fern frond in the scanner that I had taken out of a picture frame. I was marveling at what a greatly detailed picture you get from a scanner... if you look at the the frond closely you can see all the tiny spore pods on the individual leaflets.

And so on to the bracelet, from some lampwork that I purchased many years ago also! I decided to use the champagne colored Swarovski rondells in between the lampwork beads. Only when I went to photograph the bracelet did I realize how all three items, sitting on my studio's chaise lounge, were all the same colors and tones. Maybe I just gravitate toward them anyway!

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