Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bracelets, bracelets!!

Slinky, sexy, silvery bracelets - yes, I have been going bracelet crazy in the last couple of days. I love the rich colors of natural gemstones - fluorite, deep red carnelian, blue opals, and natural carnelian which ranges from palest of yellows to dark rust. I love to combine the gems with the little silver daisy spacer beads and use a silver magnetic clasp with a guard chain and a dangle. So delightful to wear, combining them with most other bracelets or colors is easy to do. Try the purple amethyst (not shown but available) and either fluorite or natural carnelian. Or, combine the two different carnelians - gorgeous, slinky fun!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Purple Heart

A dear friend of mine loves purple. Her bedroom is painted purple with purple carpeting. Over the years I have made purple earrings, purple necklaces and purple bracelets for her, and even given her a purple linen blouse. Now I have decided she needs a purple heart. Why? Because of her amazing gift of herself to help the orphaned children of Zambia. She has just returned from spending 2 weeks in Zambia with the group Mothers Without Borders. While she was there, she celebrated her 72nd birthday, building housing and working in the fields to make bricks with a pickax! Way to go, Jo! If you are interested in seeing what these wonderful people are doing to help with the one million orphaned children due to AIDS, check out www.motherswithoutborders.org