Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A long overdue THANK YOU to Connie Fox for her inspiration and guidance ....

From Connie Fox's website I learned how to wire wrap sterling silver wire and design and construct bangle bracelets.  About 6 years ago, surfing around the web looking for something more than just designing beads into necklaces and bracelets, I came across her website which she named "Jatayu" and had devoted to supplying bead artists with tools, supplies, artisan beads and best of all her wonderful guidance with her designs ... later came much more info and materials.  But in the beginning it was a revelation in what could be achieved with wire and some favorite beads!

I am continuing to design the bangles that she always said she had to wear at least two of  at a time!  Connie has moved on to a whole range of metal work, and continues to instruct  with her gentle thoughtful and intelligent guidance many new techniques, but I still love the bangles most of all!

Kim Miles focal bead

Thank you Connie Fox!