Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Joy in Record Cold

The more than 100 year old record cold recently of 38 degrees in our area   (115 years of records) have produced many sad tales of our landscapes - many palm trees have half brown fronds.

However we have just experienced one of the miracles of nature.  Our tuberoses  have finally produced a most gorgeous blooming!  Just one stalk of the twelve that were planted in the spring, and after all the leaves of the plant have given up -

It started to bloom on Christmas, so I cut the stalk and brought in into the house (the next day was the record setting low), and then wonder of wonders, it started to come into full bloom.....

Until day by day the entire stalk was in full bloom, and my husband walked into the house and was inquiring 'aaaah...What is that wonderful smell?'   (a first)!!

Just another miracle of winter...

Happy New Year 2011
to everyone!