Monday, August 17, 2009

The Five Year Bracelet

Yes, I have been working on this bracelet for more than five years! Well, not as a bracelet exactly, perhaps more as individual little dangles. Ok, I admit it - they are all earrings, either singly or a twosome, that I have pulled out from my selling stash. I usually break them down and use the beads again, but these were some that I was hanging onto for various reasons - maybe hoping I would have reason to put them back up for sale, or that they were too cute or nicely made to chop up. Whatever, these smaller earrings are not much in style now and so I gathered a nice group of teals, rose, pearl, amethyst - you can see for yourself. Each dangle has Bali silver beads, some have Swarovski crystals, and each is definitely unique. The only thing I don't know is how to price it, or if anyone would like to wear so many dangles! But it was fun to make, and now I can move on to making more earrings.