Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Organics and Silver

Combining sterling silver beads with artisan lampwork is very basic, and usually the resulting piece is worth a good price. When working with natural organic materials such as shells it can be trickier to produce a piece that makes an impact and is worth a good price. These beautiful fossilized coral pieces are hand carved and very dramatic - perfect for the focal point. Thai silver shells and lampwork beads set it off. But for big impact, the vintage ostrich eggshell really makes the necklace. Vintage ostrich eggshell such as this is no longer available, the standard ostrich egg shell is very thick and rather mottled looking - but this older version is slinky and elegant and sets off the fossilized coral in a subtle way. Additional Thai silver woven beads and silver chunky beads add to the natural effect. I enjoy combining natural and artisan made objects like this.