Monday, November 17, 2008

Opening a Brand New Store on Etsy!

Aren't these just the most beautiful, exquisite beads? They are by Corina Tettinger, a remarkably gifted glass artist. I have had this set for a couple of years, and I am about to use them in some jewelry even though I don't want to part with a single one of them.

Now, what does that have to do with my new Etsy store? Well, this is just one example of some of the goodies I will be offering shortly in my new venue. Etsy is just for handmade, and many of the lampwork artists that I have bought beads from in the past have opened stores there. When I checked them out I found that there were also many creative jewelry artists there... WOW! I even bought from some of them. Then the next thing I knew, they started asking me why I wasn't on Etsy. Well, I thought, why not? And so I am now opening my shop, starting out with some of my latest PMC - fine silver with which I hand make all sorts of things, and branching out shortly to more of my gemstone and lampwork jewelry.

The other fun thing is that to get things rolling the first five (5) DAYS of my Etsy shop you will receive 20% off the entire purchase! I hope this entices you to hop on over and check it out. Just click on any of the pictures in the Etsy shop to the right of this post. And I hope you will send me any comments on what you like ( and don't ) and suggestions for future stuff.

Thanks, and Enjoy!