Monday, July 27, 2009

ISGB Lampwork Bead Bazaar

Heather Trimlett lampwork beads

A most wonderful event took place right here in south Florida : the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) came to Miami this past weekend for their annual "Gathering" and they held a Bazaar on Saturday!

100 talented artists in one place with my absolute favorite art - lampwork glass beads... I had to go -even though the weather was horrendous - driving down I95 for 20 miles took over an hour! But oh, the thrill of meeting and talking with some of the best known artists was well worth it. And they were so nice, they took the time to explain their techniques, help with design questions, even just chat about doing shows and being in Miami. Getting the opportunity to meet the people behind the names that I had admired for years - Kristina Logan, Heather Trimlett, Kerri Fuhr, Larry Brickman and JC Herrell to mention just a few - was so wonderful, no other word for it! Purchasing their beads was even more meaningful - it's easy to understand why people like to buy at shows from the artist more than online or through stores. Wonderful also was discovering new artists, such as Harold Cooney (his work is above and at upper left) and Dolly Ahles (new to me, but well established - see her work below) and they were a pleasure to get to know.

Dolly Ahles large lentil bead.

JC Herrell's lovely work.
I love lampwork beads, and knowing the artists makes it even better, it makes it easy and fun to have an addiction like this!

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