Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Survival - Oranges after the hurricanes

Three and a half years ago our little orange tree was uprooted by Hurricane Wilma and we thought we had lost it. It was a miracle we still had it even then as most citrus trees in our county (Broward) had been cut down due to canker. But this one bore great fruit and was canker free. It took root again, but all the leaves turned yellow and slowly it started to die. Citrus Greening - an Asian micro insect the size of a pinhead - was evidently blown in by the hurricanes that year. Sadly, we watched it dwindle to almost nothing. No fruit that was edible that year or the next 2 years. Then, a miracle, new healthy growth, buds blooming, and this year we had a nice amount of great juice oranges. Now it is blooming again, with lots of new growth, and look what has returned - a ladybug!

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