Monday, December 21, 2009

South winter Beach Story

It is very cold here today (low 60s with no sun) but about 5 days ago it was still in the low 80s so we decided to take a break from holiday shopping and go to the nearby beach.


There were a couple of brave souls in the water (temp is in the low 70s) - they are probably "snow birds".


So, we watched the local wild life as they searched for food - sea gulls posing
and surf fishing -


Pelicans circling overhead, drifting on the thermal air currents

and then back to watching my husband attempt to do a little water therapy

and took pictures of the whipped cream clouds


when my husband shouted to look north -


at the longest trail of Pelicans I have ever seen

heading straight down south to Miami Beach

for lunch of course, at South Beach!

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