Friday, January 15, 2010

Sub-Tropical Climate? Not so far in 2010!

We have just experienced record cold (31 degrees) and 10 days of low 40s/upper 30s.  The result?  Dead fish all along the edges of our ponds, no turtles to be seen, no lizards in our yards.  And the iguanas are falling out of the trees and dying.  It's back up to 75 today, but looks like mid winter in the north east in our yard. So many plants, shrubs, even trees have been damaged or have died.

But as I write these words, I feel grateful to have food, water, shelter and all my loved ones safe.  My husband works with a lovely, gentle man who comes into work every day with tears in his eyes.  He is Haitian, and still has no word if his family is safe or even alive in Haiti.  So many Haitians have made their way to our part of Florida, the sadness hangs very heavy here. Donations are so simple to make, and will help right away.


We have so much to be grateful for.

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