Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Garden Visit with my Pals

A few more blooming moments.... this one is part of the border hedge.

A lovely grass plant, female version....

The male plant, luckily right next to the female, so they are both very happy!

Petunias are continuing to bloom from the January plantings, but their time is short now...

and coming a couple of months late ... February is normal bloom time for the gardenias, but we are always delighted when they appear.  We hope the coming hot weather doesn't shorten their two month blooming time to a shorter time for us this year!

The little violet-like plant is continuing to flourish, and has been delighted to be in a large pot with a greatly expanding lavender plant - some shade is necessary for them and hope that the summer won't knock them out.

My constant gardening (pest) helpers - where are all the little lizards anyway?  Brandy (in front) and Lucy (the lizard hunter).   We love Spring in Florida!!

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